Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Get Paid To Payments - Just Got Paid Part 3

Sorry I have been really busy with school therefore I was unable to add any new posts. I have recieved my payments with my "Get Paid To" Websites and now I am here to show proof like how I said that I would post them once I received them.

I apologize for the delayed post of proof of my payment.

Here is my proof of payment from CashCrate I made $62.18. I did not want to put to much time and effort if this was not real, so I had to test it out and it works. Theres no scams at all, probably during break I am going to get back to CashCrate and TreasureTrooper to make some extra cash for Christmas shopping.


Now with the other site I also did the same with TreasureTrooper, I made $40.76.


You can make easily $100 a month by doing the minimal amount on these websites like what I did, . Now what would you do with that extra $100 a month you made by doing these get-paid-to websites? Pay a cellphone bill? Credit Card? Loans? Buy clothes? The skys the limit. You can make more than $100 if you want. It all depends on how hard you work on it.

If you do decide to join please sign under my referral link. Any other questions leave me a message or a comment and I will be glad to help.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Making Money Online (Just got PAID!!!) - Part 2

I just got my very first payment Cash.Zeropricetags! Here is my proof of payment!


The payment was really fast approval! It took about 30 minutes to approve and for it to be deposited into my PayPal Account. I was very anxious and I was constantly logging in and out just to see if my payment went through and it finally did =).

Now you’re wondering “Ralph, how did you do this?” Well I am here to inform you on how I made it possible and you too can make it possible as well.

Well how does this work? It’s the same way on how I had explained it on my first post about OrderCash4free.

Once again you sign up under my referral link and complete one offer. Then after that you need to get at least 3 other referrals for them to sign under you.

Now you’re wondering on “How do I get referrals?”

Well you can get friends, family, co-workers or whoever you think would be interested. Just remember one account per household because if there were two, your account would be considered fraud because they have a way of checking IP Addresses.

None of my friends, family or co-workers wants to sign up. Now what?

Well there are really great websites out there who are also looking for referrals for their sites as well. I suggest www.freeipodguide.com and www.anything4free.com. Go to "trades". On these sites you will see many people looking to trade for cash, referral for referral. I WARN you BEFORE you get into this, I suggest you sign under my referral links before you do anyone else’s site whom you do not know.

There are a lot of people who ask you to do their site in return they will do yours, but in reality they do nothing for your site at all, so be careful. So I suggest that you do referrals under me in that case you can get the hang of things and I can walk you through in each and every step of the way.

If you are truly interested in signing up let me know and I can help you out. Also I will pay you $20 if you sign up under my referral and complete an offer.

Another website I am currently working is called TreasureTrooper, which is a GPT (get paid to) website or DIY (do it yourself site). This a pretty cool website, the minimum payout is $20. I have reached the minimum payout and I will be posting my proof of payment as soon as I get my check.

Also Im currently working on CashCrate, the minimum payout for this website is $10. Ill post my proof of payment once I also get my check as well.

Join my referral links if you do decide to join. Thank You

Some of you may say “I rather just work” well hey I was just spreading the word for those who would like to make a little side cash this is a really good way to earn some money. I just wish that I started doing these websites in the beginning of the summer.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Making Money Online part 1

 After I finished my spring classes this term, I had this random thought thinking to myself "how am I going to pay off my school loans". I know working is the answer, for sure I will not have a hard time finding a job since nurses are highly in demand, but I want to pay off my student loans ASAP.

    So a friend of mine suggested  a GPT  website (Get-Paid-To website). In layman's terms its basically one of those websites where you do an "offer" and you'll get money. It does sound very simple doesn't it and yet to good to be true? You maybe thinking "oh whatever its one of those sites that is a scam". I also thought it was a scam as well, well its not. Although there are websites out there which is a scam, you just have to be careful and do some research behind it before investing your money into it.

    Well I am here to write a guide on how to make some money on the side. As of now I am currently working on this website called OrderCash4Free.


There are rules with these types of websites.

1. Only ONE account per household ( you cannot make 2 and try t scam the system or make a different account at your friend or family members place)

2. Only log on to these types of sites at home ONLY or where your main internet connection is. These types of websites they check and log for your IP Address. NEVER log in anywhere in public places.

3. When asking for your information, you MUST put in all your legit information. NO FAKE information should be put in due to many people trying to fraud the system.

4. When doing offers, you can only sign up for ONE offer. You cannot repeat the offer once again.

Follow these simple rules and you will not run into any problems.

Here is a proof of payment from OrderCash4Free. I only did the minimum to just to test it out.

If you are still interested here are a few things that is required to be successful with GPT sites.

1. A home address - NO PO BOXES

2. A credit card (Feel unsafe using  your credit card online? There is a pre-paid credit card you can use. You can load it and put as much money as you want. There are locations where you can load your prepaid credit card. I usually load $20 and thats about it. Ask me for more details on where to get the pre-paid credit cards)

3. A PayPal account, you must verify it.

So how to do these sites for the ones who do not understand how all of this works.

You first must complete one offer (for example Netflix) you pay $9.99 for trying it out, I will PAY YOU $20 for completing it by PayPal. Once you pay for the trial for example the trial is 14 days and you do not "like" the trial you must cancel it 2 days before the trial. NEVER cancel the next day. Cancel it within about a few days before the trial ends, some trials are 7, 10, 14, 30 days depending on what offer you do.

 Once it says "Congratulations, you have finished your first offer" that means you were approved. You basically make a profit of $10, by spending $9.99 and I pay you $20. Once you are approved the skys the limit you can do other offers for cash. In order for me to pay you, you must sign up under my referral link: http://www.ordercash4free.com/landing/?r=29863

The minimum payment is that you must have a minimum of $25 and they will pay you by PayPal or Check once you reach $25

Another site I am also currently working is called CashCrate


    This is similar to
OrderCash4Free but the difference is that you do not have to complete an offer before you start making any money. They also pay you to do surveys for $0.80 cents. You can only do up to two surveys a day. So by doing do two surveys a day for a whole month you will make approximately $50. This is one of my favorite sites to do, very user friendly.

    The minimum payment for cash out is $10, therefore by just doing surveys for 7 days, you have already met the minimum to cash out. There are other offers and surveys which have different payouts.

I just started it not to long ago and I will post up my first pay check once it arrives.

If you are REALLY serious and interested with this email me, leave a comment, IM me on AIM, myspace me. I will help you and walk you through the process. This is very simple once you start to understand on how this all works.

There are no scams or tricks at all to this. If there were I would not be wasting my time into this and I would not tell all my friends about this either. Things maybe slow, but if you are dedicated to it, you can start making a decent income online. My goal is to pay off my student loans and I'm here to show you how to make some money on the side.